Bookbinding The Darkling [authorized]

Video 1/8 - Background to the project, paper selection, costs of color vs black toner, making the book template and signatures, printing the book, introduction to tools. Duration 08:21.

Video 2/8 - Preparations for Sewing, cutting the hemp cord, marking the saw holes, sawing the signature pack, waxing the linen thread. Duration 04:59.

Video 3/8 - Sewing the signatures. Duration 07:50.

Video 4/8 - Lockdown first and last signatures, attach parchment sheets, trim the edge. Duration 08:35.

Video 5/8 - Rounding the spine, adding headbands, building the spine with kraft paper, attaching endpapers. Duration 09:44.

Video 6/8 - starting the case, laser engraving the leather cover. Duration 08:18.

Video 7/8 - finishing the case, attaching the leather, gluing the leather, forming the corners, attaching the faux leather vinyl, gluing the book to the case, final clampdown of the project, inspecting the book. Duration 10:10.

Video 8/8 - Appendix, project stats, production costs, individual costs, production aids: sewing frame, book trimmer, hole puncher; unique identifiers; audio: why this book is unique, conclusion, art credits. Duration 03:00.